Next IDTA Exam is on Sunday 16 June 2024 at i2D studio Piccadilly

IDTA stands for International Dance Teachers Association and it’s one of the biggest global dance training and examining bodies.

Why should you take part:

  • it’s a great opportunity to learn the names of the figures and fundamental technique.
  • you will progress from level to level in a structured way
  • you will receive feedback from an independent examiner
  • you will experience to dance in front of the audience and an examiner
  • it’s a positive challenge

How to prepare:

  • you can start with taking group classes
  • talk to your teacher and decide on the styles you want to do and level
  • plan private lessons to work on your personal routine and technique

What styles can you choose from:

Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm

Levels you choose from and the fees:

  • One Dance – £40
  • Bronze – min two dances – £70
  • Silver – min three dances – £105
  • Gold – min four dances – £140
  • 1st Gold Bar – min four dances – £150
  • 2nd Gold Bar – min four dances – £155
  • 3rd Gold Bar – min four dances – £170

At the exam you can dance with your teacher or another student.

You can choose to take an exam as a leader or as a follower.

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