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“These masterclasses is one of the few good things to have come out of the lockdown! They have allowed me an access to train with the best in the world, which otherwise would have never been possible. Priceless!”

Dance Legends United is a fantastic programme and I have learned so much. It’s offered a fresh insight into my dancing from many industry experts on varied topics, so everything was covered. Thank you!

The ability to learn from the best in the business from your own home is something I could never have imagined. The lectures have been fun, informative and introduced great ideas. As a teacher I will definitely be implementing some of the exercises and concepts in my classes. It’s great to be able to use the library to revisit the lectures – especially as my notes don’t always make sense!

Throughout lockdown I have had the privilege to dance online with many wonderful Dance Legends organised by Viktoriya and Eldar. I learnt a lot from my dance shed! The structure and the whole package has been wonderful for me, helping me to grow even more as a Dancer, Performer and Teacher. Each and every Dance Specialist has their own unique way of teaching 10/10. Value of the experience has been worth every penny I invested into myself.