Teaching Videos for Intermediate Level season 1

We teach these routines at our Group Classes on Thursdays at Holland Park, London. Happy practicing!

Slow Waltz

Syncopated Whisk
Open Telemark
Progressive Chasse to Left
Half Natural with Spin Turn
Half Reverse Turn
Double Reverse Spin 
Back Lock 
Back Whisk


Natural Spin Turn
Natural Hesitation
Progressive Chasse to Right
Running Finish
Passing Naturals
Tipple Chasse to Right
Forward Lockstep
Half Natural Turn and Open Impetus


Natural Promenade Rock Turn
Viennese Crosses
Contra Check
Back Corte
Progressive Link
Promenade Kicks
Outside Swivel

Slow Foxtrot

Feather Step
Reverse Turn with Feather Finish
Three Step
Natural Turn with Hesitation
Open Telemark
Feather Ending
Three Step
Natural Turn

Viennese Waltz

Natural Turn
Reverse Turn

Salsa Cross Body

Basic Step
Man Turn with change of hands behind the back
Round the World
Opening Out finish with underarm turn
Underarm Turn keeping double hand hold
Spin lady out to left and finish in a cuddle hold
Lady escapes and man turn to right to uncross his arms
Side Basic
Grape Vine, repeat with ladies three step turn
Cross Body Lead
Cross Body Lead with ladies turn
Cross Body lead with double hand hold finishing back to man
Three counts on the spot, turn lady to right 1.5 turn to finish facing the man
Take right arm over ladies head and spin her out
Change of Place x 3 finish with side basic


Forward Lock
Open Hip Twist
Split Cuban Brakes
Cuban Brakes
Ladies Three Step Turn Right and Left
Cross Basic
Cross Basic with Guapacha timing
Ladies Curl to Left


Open Hip Twist
Hockey Stick
Opening Out x 3
Promenade and Counter-promenade Walks finch in open position
Back Basic and 1/3 of Natural Top
Closed Hip Twist
Hockey Stick with double turn


Ladies Volta Turn R and L
Promenade Walks
Rolling off the Arm
Ladies Volta Turn R
1/5 Natural Roll
Back Rocks
Reverse turn
Ladies 3 step turn L
Cruzado Walks
Corta Jakas
Man: Kick Ball Change; Lady: Volta Spot Turn L

International Jive

Slow and Quick Points
Change of Place Right to Left with Double Underarm Turn
Swing Hip Bump
Double Cross Whip
Promenade and Closed Chasses
Two Drunken Sailors finished with a one step spin
Toe-Heel Swivels

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”