Teaching Videos for Intermediate Level season 2

We teach these routines at our Group Classes on Thursdays at Holland Park, London. Happy practicing!


1. Basic
2. Cross Body Lead (turn on second half)
3. Head Brush
4. Shadow step
5. Change of Place
6. Table Top finish with underarm turn
7. Cross Body Lead with double hand hold



1. Feather Step SQQ
2. Reverse Turn SQQSQQ
3. Three Step SQQ
4. Natural Weave SQQQQQQ
5. 1-3 Natural Turn SQQ
6. Closed Impetus at corner SQQ
7. Feather Finish SQQ
8. Three Step SQQ
9. Hover Cross at corner SQQQQQQ


1. Basic in Fallaway
2. Rock Step, Kick Ball Change, Chasse x 2
3. Fallaway Throwaway
4. Chicken Walks
5. Rolling Off The Arm
6. Whip
7. Promenade Walks Slow and Quick
8. Change of Place Right to Left
9. American Spin Turn off the left hand
10. Stop and Go variation
11. Change of Place Left to Right


1. Natural Hesitation SQQSSS
2. Quick Open Reverse SQQ
3. Four Quick Run SQQQQS
4. Natural Spin Turn SQQSSS
6. Natural Turn at the corner SQQSSS
7. Tipple Chasse to Left SQQS
8. Back Lock Step QQS


1. Natural Spin Turn (overturned)
2. Turning Lock to Right 1&23
3. Chasse from PP
4. Quick Open Reverse 1&23
5. Trowaway Oversway
6. Chasse from PP
7. Open Impetus
8. Chasse from PP


Progressive Link
Natural Twist Turn finish in PP
Closed Promenade
Progressive Link
Double Chase with Chasse finish in PP
Change of Foot, Head Action
Open Promenade
Fallaway Reverse Slip Pivot
Contra Check
Closed Promenade


1. Syncopated Open Hip Twist;
2. 1.5 Spin for lady into Fan Position;
3. Curl and 3 Step Turn for lady into a lunge;
4. Spot Turn to Left for man;
5. Sliding Doors;
6. Close Hip Twist;
7. Swivels finish into Fan Position


1. Basic Step
2. Underarm turn
3. Chasse to R
4. Man steps steps LF forward and taps with RF/ Lady steps RF forward and brings left knee up.
5. Three step turn for lady to L/Man does chase to R
6. Split Cuban breaks 2
7. New York to R
8. Underarm turn
9. Turkish Towel with Guapacha timing finish with spiral into open position
10. Open Hip Twist into Fan Position
11. Man dances Forward check 2-3 on LF and side L, wait transfer R 4-1/ Lady does switch 2-3, tree step turn to R making only half a turn 4&1to finish side by side with the partner.
12. Cuban Breaks: Tripple on LF 2&3&4&1, Single on RF 2 3, chasse to R 4&1
13. Spot Turn to R to finish facing one another
14. Chase finish with change of foot for man
15. Chasse to R
16. Cross Basic in Guapacha timing


4x Stationary Samba Walks
2x Botafogos
Continuous Volta Spot Turns to L for Man and R for lady
Promenade to Counter Promenade Runs
2x Voltas facing partner
4x Traveling Botafogos
4x Shadow Botafogos (Last Botafogo…Man does change of feet)
Cruzados Walks and Locks in Shadow Position
Carioca Runs (finish with weight on RF )
Volta Spot turn to L for lady ending facing partner backing LOD. Man marks time in position
2x Reverse Turns – Last one ending with lady Volta Spot Turn
4x Whisks (Lady does 2 Volta Spot Turns)

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”