Teaching Videos for Beginners Level season 3

We teach these routines at our Group Classes on Thursdays at Holland Park, London. Happy practicing!

Social Foxtrot

Basic Forward and Back
Corner Rock Step
Promenade with Underarm Turn
Rock Turn in the corner

Slow Waltz

1-3 Natural Turn
LF Change Step back
1 -3 Reverse Turn
LF Change Step  forward
Natural Turn
RF Change Step
Reverse Turn
Chasse from Promenade
1-3 Natural Turn
Natural Hesitation
1 -3 Reverse Turn
Progressive Chasse


Basic Step
Side Lunge
Rocking Step
Slow Promenade
Backward Lunge
Fast Promenade
Ladies Under Arm Turn
Progressive Link
Closed Promenade


Quarter Turn
Progressive Chasse
Half Natural & Hesitation
Progressive Chasse
Lockstep Forward
Half Natural
Lockstep Back
Running Finish


Basic forward and back
Basic side to side
Ladies Underarm Turn
Chasse to Side
Ladies three step turn to left
New Yorkers x 3
Ladies Underarm Turn
Man Turn with change of hands behind the back


Basic Step x 3
Underarm Turn
New York x 3
Spot Turn to Left
Shoulder to Shoulder
Box Step/Walk
Underarm Turn
Hand in Hand
Spot Turn to Left


Basic Step
Basic with Underarm Turn to Right
New Yorker x 3
Spot Turn to Left (for man)
Three Cha-Chas to Right and Left with Sport Turn
Shoulder to Shoulder
Box Step finished with Underarm Turn to R
Underarm Turn to R


Reverse Samba Box Step
Stationary Samba Walk
Progressive Volta R & L
Circular Volta

International Jive

Basic in closed hold
Change of Place Right to Left and back
Basic in open hold
Change of Hands Behind the Back
Link and Whip
Slow Promenade Walks finished with two chasses

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”