the showcase.

pro-am show dance

Ultimate Pro-Am Show Dance Experience

The Showcase is a project tailored for Pro-Am dancers, who are looking for a goal to work towards, without the pressure of an event or an audience.
You will learn an exciting show dance choreography with your teacher in the style and music of your choice.
Costume, hair and make up can also be arranged.
You will have a series of private lessons in our beautiful Piccadilly studio, you can incorporate the stair-case and the balconies into your routine. At the end of the course, you will have a personal filming session with our professional videographer. He will combine all the best moments and angles from all the takes into a memorable video that will be shared on your and i2D social media channels.*
The whole process is completely personalised with no time pressure. You can perform when you feel ready.
The Showcase package includes:
  • Private lessons with professional teacher at I2D studio in Piccadilly;
  • learning show dance choreography to a chosen song;
  • professional make up and hair on the day;
  • filming session with exclusive studio hire. You are welcome to invite a couple of friends as a live audience;
  • professional editing of the video;
  • promoting the video on i2D social media channels.

COST: £1350 for the above package with 10 hours of private lessons. You can book extra lessons at £72 per hour.

COSTUME: We can recommend a designer to make your dress tailored especially to work with the show or you can wear your own. You can also hire a dress from our collection. Costume cost is not included in the package above.

*where and how the final video will be shared is entirely up to you. You can also have the raw material of the shoot.

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