Ballroom for Kids

Dancing has endless benefits on physical and mental development of a child and on their social life. We aim to develop dance abilities of our students from different angles.

The teachers are fully qualified, experienced in working with children and DBC checked.

Your child will have an opportunity to take IDTA examinations, perform at our social events and enter competitions.

PRIVATE LESSONS in Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Through experience, we found that private lessons are a the most practical and productive way for London kids to learn dancing:

  • Private lessons can be arranged at your convenience;
  • The teacher has 100% undivided attention on your child, guiding them according to their abilities and learning style;
  • The teacher concentrates on the child’s personal goals, be it general development or competitions;
  • We also offer space for practicing outside the lesson times.

Fee: £77 an hour or £360 for five lessons. Private lesson can be shared.

What to wear: Comfortable trousers and shirt or T-shirt for boys and/or dress or skirt for girls. No jeans or trainers please. Any soft shoes with smooth sole would be fine to start with. Dance shoes are strongly recommended long term.

Please get in touch with any questions and bookings

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”