Dancing with Professional Partners


Dancing with a professional partner has great benefits, helping you to progress with your technique and musicality much faster! You will also enjoy a proper leading/following and get that real ‘feel’ for the particular dance style. 

Think no further! This is your chance to feel like a Strictly Star!!!

Below are some options for you to choose from:

  • Pro-Am Group Classes will give you an opportunity to learn all the main Ballroom and Latin styles in a friendly environment. Each student is partnered with a professional, who will give personalised tips and advice. The classes will start in September 2017. Please contact us with enquiries. 
  • Pro-Am Performance Group classes are for you if you would like to take your dancing in front of an appreciative audience. We run three performance courses a year and the group presents the show routine at our social events as well as joining other dance school. You can see the fun show numbers from the previous courses in our gallery. You can find information on the next course HERE
  • Pro-Am Show Dance is your chance for a spot light. You and your teacher will prepare that special dance to a chosen song and perform in front of other fellow dancers. You need to be a minimum of Gold level dancer to perform at i2D events.
  • Pro-Am Competitions is the ultimate challenge, which will truly encourage the best out of your dancing. Check this page if you want to learn more
  • Medal Examination are organised twice a year and it’s an opportunity for you to progress with your dancing in a more structured way. You can find out more here…
  • Social Dancing is pure fun with no rules. You can request a professional partner to dance with you at any of i2D events or parties organised by other schools. Go prepared and dance your socks off!

Please get in touch with any enquiries and we’ll be happy to help with your dancing request

* Pro-Am stands for Professional-Amateur, when a student dances with their teacher. 

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”