Jara Durosiova

Jara is a professional dance, dance teacher, choreographer and personal trainer. Her motto: “ENERGIZE 4 LIFE”

She studied in Slovakia Education, Psychology, Sports, Music and Art. Since she was little she loved dancing and choreographing. When she was round 7 she fell in love with folk dancing. She joined Folk dance company in Bratislava. Few years later she joined Ballroom and Latin dance company where she performed in various shows and competitions. Also become a part of the top street dance group in Slovakia.

When arrived in UK she completed her Aerobic Instructor Course and worked as fitness instructor/dance teacher since. Over 10 years She also worked as a dancer in various shows, clubs, videos. She also carried on her education: Exercise to music, Pilates course, Holistic massage L3, Personal Trainer course L3, Zumba and many others…

In everything she does there s always lots of Feeling, Passion, Energy…
She loves life and loves to bring it out in people, her students!…by making them “FEEL!”

Jara’s main purpose is to share as much Experience and Knowledge as possible through movement so everyone is able to achieve  healthier lifestyle, Mind/body awareness and what ever their Goals are!!

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”