‘MATERIAL GIRL’ Pro-Am Performance Course

‘Material Girl’ – is a pro-am* performance course inspired by timeless songs from the rule breaking, exaggerated era of the 80’s. It’s going to be an exciting mix of Cha-Cha, Rumba and Jive with strong 80’s styling.  Every student will dance with a professional partner during every class and the actual show.

This is your opportunity to:

– take an adventure of a ‘Strictly’ experience;
– improve your technique by dancing with a professional partner at every class;
– take your dancing to the next level and learn an exciting formation routine;
– meet new friends and join our adventurous dancing family;
– improve on the art of stage performance;
– perform at The Summer Sizzle Dance and BBQ Party on 16 June


When: The course is starting on 9 April for 10 weeks. Classes will take place every Monday at 2 – 3.30pm. Additional class will take place on Thursday 14 June at 2 – 3.30pm.

Where: Le Meridien Piccadilly (Level C), W1J 0BH London

Choreographer: Viktoriya Wilton

The show: You will debut at The Summer Sizzle Dance and BBQ Party on 16 June at Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis Club, Chiswick, W4 2SH. There will be more opportunities to perform this number afterwards.

Requirements: You need to be at least an Intermediate level dancer, preferably with experience in Ballroom and Latin styles. We will teach you the rest. We shall welcome you into our friendly dancing family, where team work and commitment are very important. You are advised to attend all the rehearsals if at all possible. You will also have an option to catch up with private lessons during the week. We promise, that all the hard work will be paid off in the end and you will have an amazing time!
We would also encourage you to invite your friends and family to support your performance on the night.

Costumes: Costumes will be discussed with the group and the teacher. You will pay for your costumes separately and keep them.

Fee: The classes are £232 for a package of four. Each class is 90min. The fee for professional partner on the night of the show (rehearsal and performance) equals one class. This does not include your actual ticket to the event. Payments need to be made in advance please.

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History: You can watch videos of our previous group performances HERE

Please get in touch with any questions.

*PRO-AM stands for Professional – Amateur.

“There are Shortcuts to Happiness and Dancing is One of Them”